Big Blow To Air India Employees, Airline Fired More Than 180 Employees

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Air India To Recruit New Pilots

Tata Group’s airline Air India has shocked its employees. The airline has fired over 180 non-flying employees in the last few weeks. According to the information, not all of the staff involved in this retrenchment process could take advantage of the company’s Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS), nor could they take advantage of re-skilling opportunities.

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Laying Off Employees Performing Non-Flying Functions

According to news agency PTI news, an Air India spokesperson said the airline’s employees working in non-flying functions were being adjusted based on the organisation’s needs and merit. A comprehensive process has been followed to assess the suitability of all employees over the last 18 months. Employees also receive several voluntary retirement schemes and re-skilling opportunities during this phase.

More Than 180 People Were Fired From Their Jobs

An Air India spokesperson also said that one per cent of employees who were not found eligible to utilise VRS or re-skilling opportunities had to be separated. Although the spokesperson did not say how many employees had been laid off, PTI reported that there were a little more than 180 employees.

VRS Scheme Also Introduced For Employees – Air India

The company said it is honouring all contractual obligations, and two rounds of VRS were offered after the Tata Group acquired Air India in January 2022. Since Tata’s takeover of Air India in January 2022, efforts have been made to take over the airline’s business model, and artificial intelligence is also being used to rebuild the organisational structure. A multi-year change process is being adopted in the form of Vihaan AI of the airline.

Air India’s Market Share Increases Effectively

Air India’s market share increased from 12.2 per cent to 12.8 per cent in February, while IndiGo’s market share declined marginally to 60.1 per cent from 60.2 per cent in January. Indigo has the highest market share in domestic travel.

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