Start This Business In Just 10 Thousand; Every Day, There Will Be 3x Profit

Abhay Singh
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Mosquito Net Business

Mosquito Net Manufacturing Business Idea: Today, more people focus on business than on jobs. You will get the same amount of money for hours of hard work on the job, but whatever money comes into the business is yours. If you are thinking about a low-cost company, many firms can give good profit at a low cost, but we will give you an idea which will provide you with a profit every season.

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This business is of mosquito nets, which runs the most in summer. 6-7 months is a lot for the mosquito net business, which includes summer and rain. If you have earned a good amount in these months, then you do not work for the remaining few months because you can earn a lot in 6-7 months, which you can save. So let’s say how to do this business.

Start Mosquito Net Business In Just 10 Thousand

A net and thread will be needed in the raw material to start this business. There are generally two types of mosquito nets, which include cotton and synthetic. If you go to the market to get it in bulk, you will get the entire roll of up to 10 thousand rupees. Have a tailor at home, or you can sew it yourself. You can easily prepare many mosquito nets in one roll, which you can make a good profit on selling.

The demand for single and double-bed mosquito nets in the market is high during the summer and rainy seasons. The more designer and different mosquito nets you make, singer or double, the better you will be your benefit. Single-bed mosquito nets are available in the market for 200 to 300 rupees, which hardly costs 100 rupees. On the other hand, a double bed mosquito net is open for Rs 600 to 700, which costs Rs 200. So if you sell it in the market, you can get double-triple profit.

The best thing about this business is that it is scarce for you to make losses. This is because mosquito net is not perishable, and their consumption in the market is very high. The other good thing is that there is no dominance of branded products in this segment. In this case, the local mosquito net is the biggest seller, so go to the roadside or small shops to buy the most mosquito nets.

Therefore, before starting a business, you should visit the market once and take rates from many places. Remember that whatever business you start, its complete information should be taken from the internet or any expert.

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