Bigg Boss 16: Gauahar Khan’s Video Surfaced Amid Sajid Khan’s Absurdity

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Gauahar Khan

Bigg Boss 16: You must have seen a lot of fights and fights between the contestants in the Bigg Boss house. They are also given severe punishment for their wrong behaviour. But many times, Bigg Boss has also been accused of being biased.

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The sound of ‘Bigg Boss Chahte Hain’ makes the contestants tremble. Every house member must listen to Bigg Boss’s scolding when called into the confession room. But sometimes, this voice does not make any difference to the contestants. On the contrary, he plays his band in the mouth of Bigg Boss. Gauahar Khan did something similar once.

Her chemistry with Kushal Tandon in the show’s seventh season was well-received. The audience also praised Gauahar’s mature nature. Despite all this, she kept getting scolded for one thing.

Upset over this, Gauahar accused Bigg Boss of talking ‘two-faced’ and creating a split in the house. This video of Gauahar is going viral today when Sajid Khan’s absurdity in the house is at its peak, and no action was taken against him.

Sajid Khan Broke The Rules

Sajid Khan got a different look in the latest episode of Bigg Boss. Till now, when he was seen resolving every issue peacefully and living with everyone with love; now he has used abuse after getting angry with Gautam Vij.

Sajid Khan has taken advantage of Gautam Vij’s decency and abused him. Such words have been used for them, which no one can even think of. Sajid smokes a cigarette in the garden area, and instead of doing duty during the day, he falls asleep.

He was breaking the glass as the property of Bigg Boss. You are losing your temper to even raise your hands on them. Sajid has entirely made up the light of the rules.

When Gauahar Khan Opened The Big Boss Poll

Taking the violence happening in the house, an old video of Gauahar Khan has surfaced, in which she is seen taking off the mask of Bigg Boss. This video of Gauahar is about the time when Kushal Tandon and Andy get into a fight.

Then Bigg Boss announces the decision to make Kushal homeless. Gauahar, who has lost her temper, tells Bigg Boss a lot in such a situation.

In the video going viral, it can be seen that Gauahar tells Bigg Boss that many incidents happened in the house, which was wrong. On which you did not take a stand. Just warned about that. Kushal was significantly pushed, isn’t that violence?

But he just put his hand on the neck, so it became violence? What did Tanisha not say to me? I can also say that this is exploitation. There is bias going on here every week.

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