News Waker (from now on referred to as “News Waker” / “We” / “Us” / “Our”) considers the trust of its audience as the most critical aspect of any journalistic platform. In this regard, our Fact-Checking Policy is designed to ensure due accuracy in all of our content to gain and sustain the trust of our audience.

Understanding Due Accuracy

We understand due accuracy as meeting the requisite standard and being satisfactory, considering the subject and nature of the information provided and the audience’s expectations. We believe that achieving due accuracy is a continuous pursuit.

Striving for Accuracy

We strive to give the most accurate account of any news report, which the direct stakeholders corroborate. We acknowledge areas of uncertainty and investigate claims with scepticism, question assumptions, and challenge conventional wisdom. However, the stringency required to fact-check the information on soft and hard stories differs.

Guidelines for Accuracy

We adhere to the following guidelines to ensure accuracy in our content:

Sourcing Information for Our Content

We verify every piece of information with at least two sources and ensure the source’s credibility through corroboration of what the person is saying. We look for documentary evidence and provide the way the information was collected and how the data was interpreted.

We put effort into talking on the record with the stakeholders of the information/news and always aim for accurate information before making it public. We consciously seek sources without access to comprehensive public platforms in conjunction with those influential and powerful sources.

User-Generated Content

We take reasonable steps to verify the integrity of user-generated content before employing it, mindful of those with a vested interest in the story.

Fact-Checking Procedure

Our stories are scrutinised on multiple levels, including a robust fact-check internal procedure wherein thorough due diligence is carried out on every piece and further reviewed by one or more editors. We ensure that a fair opportunity is given to the public to report any inaccuracies or errors on our website via the “Suggest A Correction” segment.

Publication Accuracy

We stand by the information we publish and deem it to be accurate. If proven otherwise, we change the news item/information as swiftly as possible and inform readers of such news items/information changes. We publicly accept severe factual errors and ensure they are rectified in the shortest time possible, clearly and appropriately.


Our journalists’ foremost responsibility is reporting, writing, and fact-checking the news/information/stories to ensure our audience trusts us. We are committed to attaining due accuracy in all of our content and continually strive towards it.