Malaika Arora Stunned After Seeing This Photo Of Bollywood Actor, Made Such A Comment

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Rahul Khanna Bold Photo

Rahul Khanna Bold Photo: Late actor Vinod Khanna and Bollywood actor Rahul Khanna become a topic of discussion on their social media daily. Recently, he shared such a photo of himself that people were left watching. Especially Malaika Arora.

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Seeing the hot photo of Rahul Khanna, Malaika Arora’s heart sank, and she could not stop herself from commenting on the actor’s image. This photo of Rahul Khanna is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Malaika turns crazy

Rahul Khanna recently shared a photo of himself on his Instagram account. In this photo, he is seen sitting on the blue sofa. Seeing this picture of the actor, Malaika Arora could not stop herself and commented that the couch was good. On the other hand, Neha Dhupia said that socks are good. People like this bold style of Rahul Khanna.

Rahul Khanna is about to make a necessary disclosure.

Sharing this photo, Rahul Khanna wrote that there is something that I am keeping hidden, but now the time has come to share it! Join me tomorrow for the big reveal. After this post, the same speculations are being made that Rahul Khanna will make some considerable disclosure tomorrow, i.e., Monday.

Let us tell you, Rahul is the elder son of the famous actor Vinod Khanna of his time. He was born in Mumbai. Rahul Khanna tried his luck in films like his father and brother, but Rahul did not achieve the success that his brother and father got in the film world. So he turned to a model.


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Rahul is famous on social media.

Rahul Khanna has changed himself a lot over time. The body transformation of the actor has taken many people by surprise. He often shares those shirtless pictures on his social media. In these photos, stars like Rahul Khanna’s Bollywood friends Karan Johar and Malaika Arora do not hold back from praising him. The actor has a huge fan following on social media.

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