Indian Railways Gave Big Relief To The Public, Reduced Ticket Rates To Half

Akash Kumar Mishra
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Indian Railways

Giving great relief to the public, Indian Railways has reduced ticket prices drastically. This decision was taken for passenger trains. Due to this decision, ticket prices have been reduced by 40 to 50 per cent. This Central Railway decision will apply to passenger trains. When the train service started after the Covid-19 lockdown, the fares of these passenger trains doubled.

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Had To Pay Fare Equal To Express Train

There was a long demand for reducing passenger train fares for a long time. Passenger associations were also raising their voice against this increased fare. They were having to pay unnecessarily increased rent. They had to pay the same fare for express trains as passenger trains. Due to this, the pockets of the daily travelling passengers were becoming loose.

The Minimum Ticket Price Was Rs 30

According to railway officials, the fare for the second class of passenger and MEMU trains was increased from a minimum of Rs 10 to Rs 30 after COVID-19. Also, they were named Express Specials and MEMU/DEMU Express instead of passenger trains. Now, this system has been abolished. This decision will be considered effective from Tuesday, 27th February. Railways has informed all the booking reservation supervisors about this decision through notification.

The Decision Will Be Applicable To All Express Special and MEMU Trains

According to the notification, fares for mainline electric multiple units (MEMU) trains and all passenger trains starting from zero have been reduced by 50 per cent. Besides, changes in fares have also been made on the Unreserved Ticketing System App (UTS App). This changed fare will apply to all those express special and MEMU trains across the country, earlier called passenger trains.

Four years ago, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, railways had to stop all their trains. After the lockdown, when the Railways slowly started train services again, people were shocked by the increased fares.

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