ICC Made Major Changes In The Rules Of Stumping; Misuse Of DRS Will Be Banned

Abhay Singh
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ICC Stumping Rule Change

The International Cricket Board (ICC) has changed the stumping rules significantly. After this, there will now be a ban on misusing DRS. After the stumping rules change, the third umpire will only decide on wicketkeeping. Cricbuzz has just shared information regarding this rule. However, the official release from ICC is still awaited.

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What Changed In The Rules?

Let us tell you that when a wicketkeeper appeals for stumping from behind the wicket, and the decision goes to the third umpire, the third umpire will only check the wicketkeeping and not whether the ball has hit the bat. Reviews related to stumping will now be taken by looking at the side on camera. If a wicketkeeper demands a catch along with stumping, he will have to take a second DRS.

The last time Australian wicketkeeper Alex Carey did this. In a match played against India, Alex Carey had appealed for a catch after the stumping appeal; that is, in the same review, Alex Carey had asked the third umpire to decide on two decisions.

Now Substitute Player Will Not Be Able To Bowl

Along with the change in stumping rules, ICC has also made changes in connection replacement. If a player gets injured while fielding during the match, the substitute player who came inside the field in his place will no longer be able to bowl. Apart from this, the ICC has now set a time limit of 4 minutes for assessing field injury and treating the injured player.

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