Android MDM for Logistics Companies

Akash Kumar Mishra
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Android MDM For Logistics Company

Android MDM for Logistics Companies: MDM solutions assist logistics companies in accessing, tracking, managing, and securing devices and help IT admins manage and control all devices from a unified console remotely.

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The Challenges Faced by Logistics Companies

  1. Absence of coordination
  2. Safety of corporate data
  3. Increasing inefficiencies
  4. Maintenance of devices
  5. Stolen or lost devices
  6. Sharing of data

Features of Mobile Device Management for Logistics

Zero-touch enrolment – mobile device management solution assist logistics companies in quickly enrolling new devices and provides tools to manage their entire device fleet.

While registering devices, the IT team tries to implement business policies, configuration, apps, content, security restrictions, and more. In addition, MDM also supports the bulk mode, which helps to register multiple devices, saves time gaining new members on board, and eliminates errors during individual builds.

Profile management – profiles assist in enforcing policies and restrictions on the devices enrolled within the company. Admins can configure profiles and publish them individually or across multiple devices.

Device lockdown – MDM software allows kiosk mode deployment and ensures that the devices are used only for business purposes. Appliances can be locked into one or more corporate apps, allowing employees to work in a distraction-free environment. It will improve the workforce productivity for logistics companies and help reduce costs as device usage is limited.

Website blocklisting – MDM allows access to websites given authorization by the company. A different browser will be installed with the MDM, and all the other browsers will be blocked once the policy is implemented. A safe web browser will ensure employees do not have access to business-related websites, improving employees’ productivity.

Integrated dashboard – the unified dashboard of MDM provides all the information that the organizations require to know about the devices. It provides the real-time status of all the enrolled devices to assist the companies in making informed decisions based on the presented data.

Reports and alerts – With MDM software’s help, IT teams can lock or wipe a device remotely in case of a security breach or a device gets stolen. The data in devices are subject to be deleted entirely or selectively.

Advantages of Mobile Device Management for Logistics

It assists in increasing employees’ productivity as it limits access to apps that are a distraction.

Mobile device management is a platform for all assets to be tracked and managed.

Mobile device management assists in managing and securing a complete fleet of enrolled devices, irrespective of location. Therefore devices can be centrally managed across different areas and the IT requirements and cost reduction.

If the device is lost or stolen, there can be severe consequences. Therefore, companies must make the most use of MDM to remotely lock or wipe the device, even if it is lost or stolen.

MDM ensures that employees follow the company’s policies and rules. It helps companies conduct regular compliance audits to find out breaches and make informed decisions to protect the company’s data.

MDM also allows for the backup of critical data and the prevention of data loss and complete backup.

Multi-Platform Support

Android MDM helps manage different android devices, including smartphones and tablets. It helps improve business visibility by centrally managing all android devices and implementing strong security measures to protect corporate data. Similarly, iOS MDM helps monitor iOS devices from a single console and improves the security of the company data.


The pandemic has increased the requirement for essential goods to be shipped and delivered efficiently. Therefore empowering teams with full capability to manage the entire supply chain is vital to maintaining productivity. Mobile devices with the right MDM software help accomplish several logistic companies’ tasks.

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