Apple Is Giving Rs 7,700 To Old iPhone Users; File Your Claim Now!

Shubham Dubey
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Do you know that Apple is giving Rs 7,700 to old iPhone users these days? If you also have an old iPhone, see this news once. Yes, tech giant Apple will pay up to $500 million to old iPhone users. The company has agreed to resolve the US class action case. In the case, Apple was accused of “Secretly Throttling” some iPhones of the iPhone 6 and 7 series and older SE models. According to MacRumors, the company now sends money to users who have filed claims.

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When Apple Reduced The Performance!

According to the report, it was told on the settlement website that the payment would be made this month. Also, the company will give $92.17, i.e. approximately Rs 7,700, to every user who files a settlement claim. The lawsuit dates back to December 2017, when Apple revealed that it had reduced the performance of some iPhone models by using “chemically aged” batteries to prevent them from shutting down.

The Company Did Not Give This Information

The company introduced the power management protocol in iOS 10.2.1 but did not mention it in the release notes. Soon after apologizing for the lack of performance, the company reduced the battery replacement price to $29, or about Rs 2,400, in 2018. According to the report, Apple has denied all allegations and wrongdoing despite the apology.

Who Will Benefit?

According to the settlement website, if you are a US user of an iPhone 6, 6+, 6s, 6s Plus, or SE device running iOS 10.2.1 or later or an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus running iOS 11.2 or later before December 21, 2017, If you were using a later version of the phone, you may also get settlement money from Apple. However, for this, you will have to submit your claim.

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