Cisco in Restructuring Talks, Thousands of Jobs Potentially at Risk

Shubham Dubey
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Cisco, a network equipment manufacturer, is reportedly planning a company-wide restructuring that may affect thousands of employees. A recent report said the company is deciding on the number of employees affected by layoffs. Please let us know about this news.

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Thousands Of Employees May Be Affected

This company decision can affect thousands of employees. According to a news agency report, the company made this decision and focused on high-growth areas. How many employees will be laid off is unclear, but several thousand people may lose their jobs.

Announcement May Happen Soon

According to Cisco, about 89,000 people currently work in the company globally. The exact number of layoffs may be announced next week. To remind you, Cisco also took a similar step in November 2022. During this time, Cisco fired 5% of its workforce to cut costs, and the company will lay off even more employees.

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