Tim Cook Revealed The Launch Date Of Apple Vision Pro, Elon Musk Gave This Reaction

Abhay Singh
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Elon Musk and Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s new headset, the Vision Pro, will go on sale on February 2. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently gave this news on X. This is the first virtual reality headset of the iPhone manufacturing company, so people are eager to see what is special about it. When Vision Pro was launched last year, Apple gave some journalists a chance to try it. Most of the media reviews were good, which created even more excitement among technology enthusiasts.

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Tim Cook Gave Such A Reaction

Now that the Vision Pro is on sale soon, people will get to try it out, and even Elon Musk is eager to see it. Responding to Tim Cook’s tweet about the headset, Musk wrote that he wanted to try it himself.

Tim Cook tweeted, ‘The era of spatial computing has come. Apple Vision Pro is going to be available in America on February 2. Responding to him, Elon Musk said, ‘I am excited to try it.’ Last June, Tim Cook showed off the Vision Pro at Apple’s developer conference (WWDC) and described it as ‘a new kind of computer.’ With this, the excitement is increasing further.

Apple Vision Pro Price

Apple Vision Pro headset costs $3,499 (approximately Rs 3 lakh). Along with the sale date, Apple also revealed the cost of the lenses that can be purchased separately and used with the headset. If you need reading glasses, they will be available for $99 (approximately Rs 8,000); prescription glasses will be available for $149 (about Rs 12,000).

What Is Special

Apple Vision Pro is a special glass that can show you two worlds. It has a super high-tech 4K display for each eye so that you can move between the real world (AR) and the virtual world (VR) with the twist of a button. These glasses are pretty powerful – they have two processors: one is Apple’s own M2 chip, and the other is the new R1 chip, which rapidly understands the information from sensors, cameras and microphones.

Most importantly, you do not need to hold any separate controller. These glasses understand every small and big movement of your eyes, head and hands and work accordingly.

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