AI and Fake News Will Be Controlled; Google Partners With Election Commission

Akash Kumar Mishra
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Google, the giant tech company working under Alphabet, has partnered with the Election Commission of India (ECI) to control misinformation and disinformation. These two have partnered to curb the spread of AI-generated content during the upcoming general elections.

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Google Partnered With ECI

This information is given in the Google India blog post. Google India said in a blog post on Tuesday that its features are designed to provide real information to the people regarding elections.

Google said in this blog post that we are working with the Election Commission of India to improve Google Search, given the elections. We aim to ensure users do not get misinformation from Google searches during the elections.

Policy To Deal With AI-Generated Content

Google said that we are giving information about voting to people in both Hindi and English. To ensure that AI-generated content does not become prevalent during elections, we will ensure that even an ordinary user can identify election-related AI-generated content.

Google has started displaying labelling for content created with YouTube generative AI features like Dream Screen. Now, YouTube creators must also declare that the content created is completely authentic and based on the correct source.

Manipulated Content, Hate Speech, Violence Will Be Controlled

In this blog, Google has said that some restrictions have also been rolled out during the elections, effectively preventing the propagation and spread of wrong information. It is said that such content related to election-related news and information is shown on the homepage, which is an accurate source and is of high quality. Policies have been made to deal with manipulated content, hate speech, violence and harassment.

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