Groom Goes Viral for Wearing Apple Headset During Wedding

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Groom Wears VR Headset Wedding

People try to fulfil all their wishes and desires in their marriage. Recently, a person did something similar in his wedding that users cannot digest. A software engineer got married wearing the newly launched Apple Vision Pro. He was wearing an Apple Vision Pro throughout the wedding. This picture is going viral on social media.

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The groom, Jacob, has shared his picture on X’s handle @jahvascript. In the caption accompanying the picture, Jacob has written #JustMarried. Till the time of writing this video, this video has been watched by 3 lakh 61 thousand people. Many people have also commented on this video. In the picture, Jacob is standing in a beautiful place with his wife, wearing an Apple Vision Pro.

People Commented

Users are reacting fiercely to this video. One user has written – Congratulations, you and Apple Vision look like a great couple. Another user has written – I am wondering what he might be seeing. To this, Jacob replied – We were maximizing the value of the shareholding.

The third user has written – I first saw this on Facebook and thought it might not be for everyone, but give some time, and everyone will want to do an AR wedding. Let us tell you that Apple Vision Pro connects the virtual and real world. Apple has equipped it with virtual reality and augmented reality.

How Did You Like The Idea?

Its price is around 3500 dollars, i.e. 2 lakh 89 thousand rupees. It can completely change the way of working in the next few years. How did you like Jacob’s idea of having a wedding wearing Apple Vision Pro? You must also comment on your opinion.

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