The Cursed Village Where Girls Turn Into Boys

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Village Where Girls Turn Into Boys

There is a village in the world where when girls attain puberty, they turn into boys. According to a BBC report, this is the story of a town named Las Salinas in the Dominican Republic, which remains a mystery even for scientists. The girls here change their gender after a certain age.

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BBC has reported about this village. According to the report, scientists here have been researching for decades on the issue of girls becoming boys. BBC said in its story ‘The Extraordinary Story of the Guevados’ that the people here consider the village cursed because of the girls becoming boys. Even scientists have not been able to solve this mystery to date.

Gender Change Starts By The Age Of 12

According to the report, in this village, all the girls turn into boys by 12. Such children are called ‘Guedoche’. In the local language, this word means eunuch. Due to such incidents, people fear having a daughter in their house. The situation has become such that there is mourning when a girl child is born in this village. Due to these strange incidents, the number of girls in the town is also decreasing significantly.

The Girl Suffering From The Disease Told

Talking to BBC, a girl named Johnny, a resident of this village, said, “I did not like to dress as a girl, and when I got girls’ toys, I did not like it, but when I went to the boys’ group. I would have stopped playing ball with him if I had seen it.

What Do Doctors Say

According to the report, doctors in this village say some genetic disease is behind all this. Which is called ‘pseudohermaphrodite.’ In this disease, the body parts of a boy gradually start developing in a girl who is born as a girl. Along with this, the voice begins changing with increasing age. The voice automatically starts becoming heavy.

This Village Has Become The Subject Of Research

Many researchers have tried to find a cure for this disease, but no success has been achieved. According to the report, this village is situated on the seashore, and the town’s population is about 6 thousand. Due to this strange mystery, this village has become a subject of research for researchers all over the world.

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