This Famous American City Is Sinking Into The Ground; NASA Report Reveals The Danger

Abhay Singh
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New York Sinking

NASA has recently released a very shocking report. According to the report, America’s New York City is slowly sinking under its weight. LaGuardia Airport, Arthur Ashe Stadium and Coney Island in New York were the first to be affected by its ensuing destruction.

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The report was highlighted by the New York Post, which said that NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labo Raintree and Rutgers University’s Economics have identified several key locations in cities near New York that are gradually being buried under.

These Areas Of New York Are Sinking Rapidly

From 2016 to 2023, LaGuardia’s runways and Arthur Ashe Stadium are sinking at rates of 3.7 and 4.6 per year, respectively. Both of these areas were built on the East Landfill Reach, which may be the cause of the three fastest subsidence. According to reports, the risk of drowning at sea is increasing in NYC. The city is facing problems, including coastal flooding due to hurricanes and additional strong storms.

Big Challenge To Protect Coastal Population and Property From Floods

Scholars believe that Superstorm Sandy threatened the city in 2012. “Protecting coastal populations and property from flooding is an ongoing challenge for New York City,” the supermarket said in the study. “The combined effects of natural sea level rise and devastating storms are causing continued sea level rise.”

New York City Weighs 1.7 Trillion Pounds

Other areas of NYC that are sinking rapidly include the southern part of Governors Island, Midland and South Beach in Staten Island, and the Waterfront Bay in southern Queens. A report came out after research earlier this year by the United States Geologist, which showed that New York’s more than 1 million buildings weigh approximately 1.7 trillion pounds, and the weight of the city is gradually decreasing. Is staying.

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