North Korea Successfully Tests Underwater Nuclear Drone, Capable Of Causing Doomsday

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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North Korea Kim Jong Un

North Korea said on Friday it had tested an underwater nuclear strike drone in response to joint naval exercises between South Korea, the United States, and Japan this week.

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This claim of North Korea is sensational because, according to North Korea’s claim, it has successfully tested a nuclear attack drone, due to which the tension in the Korean Peninsula can increase rapidly.

Kim Jong Has Drone Nuclear Bomb

The reported drone test comes days after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced he was abandoning his country’s long-term goal of peaceful unification with South Korea.

Kim Jong Un has said there will be no further attempts to annex South Korea peacefully and that North Korea will rewrite its constitution to define South Korea as its worst foreign enemy.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have reached their highest point in years, with Kim Jong Un stepping up nuclear drone weapons testing activity and threatening nuclear conflict. The United States and its Asian allies have responded by strengthening their joint military exercises, which Kim says is a rehearsal for the invasion.

North Korea’s alleged nuclear attack drone, which North Korea first tested last year, is one of a wide range of weapon systems displayed in recent years as Kim Jong Un expands his arsenal of nuclear-capable weapons. The scale has expanded. South Korea’s military has insisted that North Korea has exaggerated the capabilities of the drone, which is reportedly designed to attack enemy ships and ports.

What Did North Korea Say About Nuclear Tests?

North Korea’s military has said it conducted a drone nuclear test in the country’s eastern waters in response to US, South Korean and Japanese joint naval exercises, which ended in waters south of Jeju Island on Wednesday.

The North Korean Defense Ministry said, “Our military’s underwater nuclear-based countermeasures are being further strengthened and its various maritime and underwater countermeasures actions against hostile navies of the United States and its allies.”

The statement further read from North Korea’s side, “We strongly condemn the US and its followers for their reckless acts of seriously endangering the security of the DPRK since the beginning of the year and tell them, “What they are doing could have disastrous consequences, which we warn them about.”

Let us tell you that North Korea is officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

In recent months, North Korea has also tested various missile systems designed to target the United States and its Asian allies, and North Korea has announced a new nuclear strike policy, under which It has been said that if North Korea’s leadership is threatened, North Korea will use a nuclear bomb.

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