Saudi Arabia Opens First Liquor Store, But Only for Diplomats

Geeta Kumar
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Big Decision Regarding Liquor In Dubai

The first liquor store will soon open in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. According to reports, liquor will be served here only to non-Muslim diplomats. Let us tell you that Saudi Arabia’s stance regarding alcohol is very strict. If you do this, you may face punishment ranging from flogging to fine and even jail.

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According to reports, customers must register through a mobile app to get liquor in the new store. After this, they will get a clearance code from the Ministry of External Affairs. It is being told that a limit will also be set on how much liquor can be purchased by one person in a month.

Alcohol Is Considered Haram In Islam

Through this important step, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to open the doors of his highly conservative Muslim country to the tourism and business world. Let us tell you that Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country, and alcohol is considered haram in Islam. According to the information, only non-Muslims will be allowed to enter this first alcohol store.

This liquor store will be in the capital’s Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh. There are embassies and diplomats’ residences in this area. However, it is not clear whether only non-Muslim diplomats will be allowed to go there or whether other non-Muslim expatriates will also be able to go there. According to the information, this store will open within the coming weeks.

Saudi Arabia Is Strict Regarding Alcohol

Let us tell you that there are very strict rules against alcohol in Saudi Arabia. If found doing so, the punishment can range from flogging to paying a fine and even going to jail. However, in most cases, the punishment for flogging has now been commuted to prison. Until now, liquor has only been available in Saudi Arabia through diplomatic mail or the black market.

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