‘PM Rishi Sunak Will Be Defeated In The British General Election’, Shocking Claims Made In The Survey

OM Prakash
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Rishi Sunak

A survey of more than 18 thousand people in Britain revealed that the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will face defeat in the general elections this year. At the same time, the opposition Labor Party will be in power with 403 seats. Only 326 seats are required for the majority.

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Conservative Party will be able to win only 155 seats: Survey.

The survey released by YouGov has said that the ruling party led by Sunak will win only 155 seats in the House of Commons, with a loss of 210 seats. According to the survey, this would be worse than the defeat of then PM John Major in 1997, when the Labor Party under the leadership of Tony Blair reduced him to only 165 MPs. At the same time, the Labor Party is quickly expected to become the largest party in Scotland.

General elections will be held before 2025

It is said that 41 per cent of votes will go to the Labor Party and 24 per cent of votes will go to the Conservative Party. Liberal Democrats will get 12 per cent of the votes, Greens will get seven per cent, and other parties will get the rest. The tenure of Indian-origin PM Rishi Sunak is to be completed in five years; hence, general elections must be held before January 2025. The survey was conducted between March 7 and 27 on 18,761 British adults.

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