‘Baaz’ Will Compete With OLA And Bajaj, The Price Is Only 35 Thousand, Features Are Excellent!

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The Company Introduced The E-Scooter For Just Rs 35,000

The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is increasing rapidly in India. Whether it is an electric car or an electric scooter. In the past few years, many well-known companies have introduced their great models in the electric two-wheeler segment, but Baaz has entered the market to compete with companies like Ola and Bajaj.

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It can prove to be attractive to the customers not only in terms of features but also in price. According to the company, its price will be only 35 thousand rupees.

Strong Entry of Baaz Bikes

IIT Delhi-based electric mobility startup Baaz Bikes has made a strong entry into the EV market. The company has launched its new electric scooter, ‘Baaz’. A battery swapping facility has been provided in this e-scooter. 9 batteries can be fixed in its swapping platform. The company has claimed that its battery can be changed in 90 seconds.

The all-weather IP65-rated company says that by replacing the battery with the battery swapping station, you will be able to enjoy non-stop travel. This swapping station has been designed according to different seasons. Media reports show it has been given an all-weather IP65 rating for rain and dust. The company has launched it but has not disclosed its range.

25 Kmph Speed

Baaz e-scooter measures 1624mm in length, 680mm in width and 1052mm in height. It has been given a top speed of 25 kmph. Its battery consists of pods with lithium-ion cells fitted in an aluminium casing.

Apart from this, its energy density is 1028Wh, which is waterproof and splashproof. This electric scooter from Baaz Bikes is fully key-equipped and does not require a license.

Talking about the safety feature in the Baaz E-Scooter, the riser gets an alert during a fire, water filling or any emergency. Along with this, there is a Find My Scooter option in it. Equipped with an Evil Fork hydraulic suspension setup and fuel shock absorber at the rear, the design of this scooter is also quite attractive.

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