Updating Your Home Address On Google Maps Is A Must, Do It Now!

Shubham Dubey
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How To Edit Home Address On Google Maps

When you shift from one place to another, a lot of changes, and you must adjust. Not only does the boxing and unboxing of goods happen, but the contacts of the phone also get refreshed—your address changes with all this.

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On paper, you change your new address, but usually, you forget to change it in one place. We are talking about Google Maps. Why is it necessary to do this? What are the benefits, and how does this happen? Everything will be known in this article.

Travelling in today’s era without Google Maps is a bit difficult. Along with giving accurate information about the route, Maps has many more valuable features. Like sharing location or finding out car parking.

One such feature is the shortcut to your office and home. If you have noticed, you can see two different tabs just below the address bar of Maps—one for office and one for home. By tapping on it, the location of your office or home directly comes to the screen.

How To Edit Your Home Address At Google Maps

Live traffic is also visible continuously if you enable Google Maps as a visit on the lock screen. You get freedom from typing the office or home address every day. You may have added the office or home address on Google Maps yourself, or Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) also does this. By understanding the way of your daily commuting. That’s why we tell you what to do if you have to change your address.

1) Open Google Maps and click on your profile.

2) Go to Settings and tap on Edit Home or Work.

3) Many options, such as List, Label, Following, and Maps, will appear.

4) Now tap on the address you want to edit.

5) The map will automatically select your location if you edit from your current location.

6) You can also add your new address by scrolling on the map.

7) This feature is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.

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