Maruti Suzuki Gears Up for EV Race; Carpool Service & Charging Network Planned

OM Prakash
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Maruti eVX

Everyone is waiting for the entry of the country’s largest car company, Maruti Suzuki, in the electric segment. The company has launched its electric models in India and the international market, but they have not been launched yet.

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However, the company is preparing to make a powerful entry into the market. They also want to bring charging infrastructure along with electric vehicles. The company will launch 6 electric cars by the end of this decade. At the same time, the company will use the term ‘Maruti Suzuki Poolkar’ for carpool service. Maruti can start this service in collaboration with a technology partner.

Carpool services are already available in major cities of the country. However, most of these are operated by startups. With the entry of a company like Maruti into this service, the credibility of the segment is expected to increase. In the case of a famous brand like Maruti, the feeling of trust and confidence among the users is high. The company has also filed a trademark for this.

Also Trademark Of Smart Charge and Charge Hub

Apart from Poolkar Service, the company has registered (trademarked) two other names. This includes Maruti Suzuki Smart Charge and Maruti Suzuki Charge Hub. Smart Charge can be standalone charging points installed at various locations such as retail shops or roadside parking areas. A charging hub can have two or more charging points in one location. These can be installed in shopping malls, offices, highway rest areas and other public places.

Customers Benefit From Subscription Plan

Customers may have the option to choose a subscription plan or use the charging station hourly. Whether the charging stations will exclusively cater to Maruti EVs or allow other cars to be charged remains to be seen. Hyundai has already launched its network of charging stations in India. Recently, they announced that they are the only OEM in India to have 11 ultra-fast public charging stations.

Competition With Tata and Hyundai Cars

Maruti may expand its charging network in a phased manner. Maruti’s first electric car is the eVX, which is expected to be launched later this year. It is based on a born-electric platform. Toyota is expected to launch its version based on the urban crossover concept. Maruti eVX will compete with upcoming models like the Tata Curve EV and Hyundai Creta EV. It will give competition to rivals. Apart from eVX, the company is also working on other electric models.

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