The Inspiring Journey of Divyanshu Jain, Founder of Upskill School and Moopers Clothing

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UpSkill School Founder Divyanshu Jain

Divyanshu Jain, a 23-year-old who creates finance content, has over 450,000 followers and over 200 million views on Instagram. Unlike many social media creators, he started his own business young. He also believes in having a variety of interests. So, he and his Co-Founder, Manveer Chhabda, started Upskill School. Through Upskill School, they teach and inspire people to become financially independent. Divyanshu also recently founded Moopers Clothing with his Co-Founder Pratham Solanki. Moopers Clothing focuses on bringing affordable and stylish Gen Z-style clothes to young people in India.

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Divyanshu’s commitment to providing value and promoting financial wisdom makes him stand out. Being a successful finance content creator has its challenges, as finance can be a dull topic. However, Divyanshu found a way to make finance interesting and understandable by using humour and informative approaches. He is a content creator and an entrepreneur who takes risks to achieve results. Starting Moopers Clothing was a new venture, and he challenged himself to step out of his comfort zone.

For the past three years, Divyanshu has created content on starting investments, budgeting tips, insurance guidance, saving taxes, exposing financial scams in India, and business case studies. He has collaborated with leading Fin-tech brands and startups in India, including CRED, MastersUnion, GROWW, and Upstox. Additionally, he has worked with big companies like ICICI Bank, Amazon Minitv, HDFC Life, and more.

Divyanshu Jain Instagram
Divyanshu Jain

Divyanshu’s success extends beyond Instagram. He achieved over 1 Crore+ views on a reel about investing in BoAT Company, which went viral and was even shared by Aman Gupta, the co-founder and Shark Tank Judge, with almost 3 lakh+ likes. Divyanshu has built a community of learners on his Instagram page, followed by industry experts like Neha Nagar and Prafull Billore.

Divyanshu shared his success mantra with us: Start by having a dream with a date attached to it, turning it into a goal. Convert that goal into stages to create a plan. Turn that plan into reality with your actions. This proves that dreams can become reality.

One of the most challenging times in Divyanshu’s journey was when he lost almost Rs. 50,000 by trading in the stock market. Despite feeling demotivated and stuck in depression and self-doubt, his learning mindset kept him going. While studying, he freelanced and worked part-time sales jobs to earn income. He invested in good fundamental courses and consumed quality content on the stock market. Later, he pursued an MBA in Canada and returned to India to focus on his entrepreneurial journey.

Divyanshu’s never-give-up attitude and high ambitions set an example for others to follow their instincts and step out of their comfort zones. His dedication and determination have brought him success at an early stage in his life. His self-motivating mantra is rooted in his mind: “If I, as an introvert and once considered a useless kid, can do it, anyone can.” – Divyanshu Jain.

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