Big Update Of Indian Railways, Special Rules Are Going To Change From 1st April

Geeta Kumar
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There are lakhs of passengers travelling by train across the country. Travelling by train is considered as comfortable as it is on budget. In such a situation, a rule related to Indian Railways will change from April 1.

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Some new facilities will be provided to railway passengers from April 1. This new change is related to payment. Starting in April, Railways introduced the QR code scanning facility to promote online passenger payment.

You Can Make Online Payment At The Ticket Counter

Often, passengers face many problems when buying tickets. Issues related to payment arise while buying tickets. Now, passengers can scan the QR code while buying tickets from the ticket counter at the railway station. Passengers can make payments conveniently through UPI apps like Google Pay and Phone Pay.

Along with ticket counters, a QR code facility will also be available at parking and food counters. Now, passengers can make online payments by scanning the QR code. However, this facility is already being provided at many stations.

Fine Can Also Be Paid Online

Often, people travel by train without tickets and are caught. After this, they have to pay a fine. Now, passengers can also pay a fine online. The railway staff will have a handheld terminal machine through which the QR code will be visible on this device. The fine can be paid online by scanning the QR code.

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