In the world of online journalism, timely and accurate reporting is crucial. At News Waker, we believe that accuracy is just as essential as the fullness and freshness of information. We are committed to providing our readers with reliable and credible news and take responsibility for any mistakes.

Our commitment to transparency and honesty means we promptly correct any errors we detect in our articles. We believe informing our readers of our mistakes, regardless of their size, is essential. When we discover an error, we convey its severity and provide the correct information immediately.

At News Waker, we have established a straightforward process for correcting errors. Whenever an article detects a mistake, we find the correct information and display the corrections wherever possible. The corrections will include the correct information, what was initially published, and the date (and time, if available) when the change occurred.

To make it easy for our readers to report errors in our articles, we provide an email address and a form to contact us at the beginning of each piece. We want our readers to know we value their feedback and take their concerns seriously.

Whenever we cannot amend errors within the body of an article’s content, we display corrections clearly in the last paragraph of the news content. We believe it is essential to preserve transparency by not removing the content containing a mistake. Instead, we provide clarification and admit our mistakes.

At News Waker, we are committed to accuracy, transparency, and honesty. If you find any errors in our articles, please contact us at [email protected]. We appreciate your feedback and constantly strive to improve our reporting to provide the best news possible.