Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rozik Kicked Out Of The Show By Salman Khan?

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Abdu Rozik To Leave The Salman Khan Show

Bigg Boss 16: 19-year-old Abdu Rozik has become the life of not only Bigg Boss 16 but the whole country. Many people are watching the show only for Abdu. Abdu has won everyone’s hearts with his cute personality. Little Abdu is the most entertaining contestant of Bigg Boss 16.

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In such a situation, Salman Khan did not like to make Abdu homeless. Salman lashed out at the family members for nominating Abdu. Salman angrily asked Abdu to be thrown out of the show. Will Abdu be out of the show? Let’s know.

Will Abdu Be Out of Bigg Boss?

In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan named Abdu Rozik as the best contestant of Bigg Boss 16. Salman said that he is proud of Abdu. Abdu is the only contestant on the show who neither fights, talks nonsense, nor messes with whom, yet he is the most entertaining contestant.

The family members nominated Abdu Rozik to evict him from his home this week. But Salman Khan could not tolerate this at all. On nominating Abdu, Salman reprimanded the family members and said he deserved the most to be in this show.

Salman Got Angry On The Family Members

Salman Khan gets so angry after nominating Abdu that he makes such a decision to teach a lesson to the family members, which leaves everyone surprised. Salman Khan is seen as very angry in the promo of the show. He angrily tells the family members – you nominate Abdu by saying he is strong.

Do you want to see the result? Abdu is leaving home. Hearing this, all the family members get shocked. Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia starts crying when Abdu Rozik is out of the house. Tears start flowing in his eyes. Nimrat cries and says – no sir… please, no sir.

Whether or not Abdu will be out of the show will be known only in the coming episodes. But the talk that happened outside the house of Abdu Rozik has disturbed the people of the country along with the family members.

Abdu’s fans were unfortunate after the promo video surfaced because many of Bigg Boss’s fans watched the show only because of Abdu. In such a situation, the matter of Abdu being out of the show has broken everyone’s hearts.

Now do not forget to watch today’s episode to see whether Salman has taken Abdu Rozik out of the show to teach a lesson to the family members or if he will take Abdu along. We would say that without Abdu Rozik, Bigg Boss 16 is nothing. What is your opinion?

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