Producer Wanted To Spend The Night With Neena Gupta; Did These Work for the Role?

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Neena Gupta Casting Couch Incident

Neena Gupta has become a topic of discussion these days due to her beauty as well as her acting. She has lived life on her terms and has worked in some of her best films, and these days, her films are being liked a lot by the audience, too. There came a time when she was not getting enough, so she did not hesitate to ask for help.

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Neena Gupta is in the news for their latest released web series, Lust Stories 2. As their age is increasing, their career graph is also increasing. At one time, she used to struggle a lot, even for small roles. But now, recently, she has narrated his story of the pain of the casting couch.

Neena Gupta Was A Victim Of Casting Couch

Neena Gupta mentioned the incident on the casting couch and said that she had endured so much at that time that it felt as if she had been murdered. According to some media reports, while remembering the incident, the actress had written in the book ‘Sach Kahun Toh’ that she got a call from a producer who used to work in the South Indian film industry. The producer called him to meet him at the hotel. After giving her performance at Prithvi Theatre located in Juhu, Mumbai, she went to meet the hotel producer.

The Actress Reached The Hotel Room To Meet The Producer

Neena Gupta also told me during this time that while climbing the stairs of the hotel, she felt like she was not going to meet the producer. The actress even thought of asking the producer to come down to the hotel lobby. But due to fear of losing the offer, she hardened her mind and went to the hotel room. After some conversation there, the producer talked to Neena Gupta about the role. Neena Gupta asked, Sir, what is my role? He said, Heroine’s friend.

When The Producer Asked Neena Gupta To Spend The Night

At that time, Neena Gupta found this role very small. After which the actress took permission from the producer and said, Sir, now I have to leave. My friends are waiting for me. The producer wondered where she would go. Will you spend the night here only?

On hearing this, Neena Gupta felt as if someone had vomited a bucket of ice on her head. The actress wrote in her autobiography that ‘my blood had dried up.’ The producer moved Neena Gupta’s bag and said that she would not be forced to do anything. After which the actress left the hotel room.

Neena Gupta’s Work Front

If we talk about Neena Gupta’s work front, then let us tell you that people like her Netflix series Lust Stories 2 very much. Before this, she was seen in films like Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway, Good Bye and Vadh. Let us tell you that actress Neena Gupta, known for her outspoken style, is the mother of fashion designer Masaba Gupta.

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