Seema Shows Off Sachin’s Gym Body In New Video, Pakistani Fans Reacted To It

Akash Kumar Mishra
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Sachin Meena Tries To Kiss Seema Haider

You must have seen in films that love is blind. When people fall in love, they forget to differentiate between right and wrong. Talking about Seema Sachin, who does not know about this love story. Both of them fell in love so much that Seema Haider crossed the border from Pakistan and reached India.

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Seema Haider came to India with her four children and, after coming here, married Sachin Meena. Now, Seema is happily living with Sachin Meena along with her children. Seema Haider came to India without documents.

However, people also made fun of Seema Haider and Sachin Meena. The ATS team also interrogated Seema Haider, who was hiding in Noida. But after this, Seema Haider was released. Now, Seema has wholly adapted to the Indian color. They celebrate all the festivals with great pomp.

Sachin Meena’s neighbour was in the news recently. The woman said that Sachin Meena is like a lappu, like a cricket. What is there in him that Seema Haider married him? Now, once again, Sachin Meena has come into the headlines. This time, Sachin is in the news regarding the gym video. Sachin, who looks like a lappu, is now going to the gym and doing bodybuilding. While sharing this video of Sachin, Seema wrote, “People of Pakistan, look at my Sachin’s body.”

Let us tell you that Sachin and Seema keep showering love to each other through social media. While Seema keeps sharing videos and reels of her love for Sachin, Sachin is also seen singing songs and reciting poetry for Seema.

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