Contestants Sign The 120-page Contract Of Bigg Boss, What Is Included In The Rules?

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Rules For Bigg Boss Contestants

Bigg Boss contestants have now reached the BB House. Who is Nimrit with small Sardarni or Sumbul with Imlie? Not knowing how many TV stars are spreading their radiance in the Bigg Boss house now.

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Not only will these stars get a good amount from this one show, but their popularity will also increase significantly. Maybe, all of them will also get a chance to work on a great project in a few days.

Nimrit Kaur And Sumbul Touqeer
Nimrit Kaur And Sumbul Touqeer

But do you know that going to Bigg Boss house is not so easy? For this, specific rules and regulations have to be followed. These are the rules and regulations after which contestants can enter the show.

These rules and regulations are not small either. It is not easy to complete these rules and regulations in 120 pages. These would take a long time to read and complete.

Bigg Boss 16 Host
Bigg Boss 16 Host

Rules and Regulation for Bigg Boss Contestants

Bigg Boss has become a ladder of success for many contestants. I do not know how many names have got recognition from this platform. Shehnaaz Gill and Paras Chhabra are such names.

But being a part of Bigg Boss is not so easy. Let us know which rules are followed by these stars.

Confirm the Name

MC Stan In Bigg Boss 16
MC Stan In Bigg Boss 16

You know which stars will come in Bigg Boss because the contestants of Bigg Boss have come to their house. Now you know which celebrities will add a dose of fun and entertainment to it. But did any of the actors confirm their arrival before the show started?

This is the most crucial point of Bigg Boss rules. If they do so, they can lose all the money they get. If the contestants confirm their names, the fees can be completely drowned.

After Leaving Bigg Boss

Contestants participating in Bigg Boss can not tell things related to it in the media even after going out of it. This includes the rules that he had to follow while in Bigg Boss. After talking about this, the fees of the contestants can be stopped.

That’s why he has to take care of many things while giving interviews after leaving the show because anything can come out of his mouth with a slight mistake.

Not Just Show and Work

Sajid Khan In Bigg Boss 16
Sajid Khan In Bigg Boss 16

According to the contract, not only will any contestant come to the show and appear on camera, but he will also take an active part in other activities related to the show. Whether it is a promo shoot or other promotions, they must work from the front.

Not Entire Earnings

Whatever the celebrities earn while being Bigg Boss contestants, they never get the total amount. Instead, it comes into the account after deducting a lot of tax. So if you know about the earnings of your favourite celeb in the news, then assume that they do not get the total earnings.

When You Want

Tina Dutta And Abdu Rozik
Tina Dutta And Abdu Rozik

According to the rules written in the contract, the contestants cannot leave the show whenever they want. Instead, they can do this only in special circumstances. No celeb can go to the show thinking they will come out when they feel like it.

Are Healthy or Not

Celebrities are also human beings, and they can have some diseases. Yes… but such celebrities cannot participate in Big Boss.

Celebs undergoing treatment for a particular disease and have been called have the freedom to bring only those medicines written on the doctor’s prescription. Apart from this, he cannot take any medicine inside the show.

It Doesn’t Work At All

There is a stringent rule in the Bigg Boss house. You must have seen many examples of this before. This rule is not to commit violence. Yes, you must have heard about it before and seen it; whenever someone resorted to violence, he was thrown out of the show. Kamal R Khan and Zeeshan Khan were removed from the show for the same reason last season.

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