Bigg Boss: Sumbul Made Salman’s Mercury High, Reprimanded Him

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Sumbul Tauqeer And Salman Khan

When TV’s famous actress Sumbul Tauqeer Khan came to Bigg Boss, seeing her authoritative style, everyone thought she would dominate the show. But so far, this has not appeared to happen.

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On the contrary, Sumbul’s game is getting weaker every week. Sumbul’s father came and tried to convince him, Salman explained, but the actress did not listen to anyone. The result is that Sumbul has become the weakest contestant in BB16.

When Salman Got Angry With Sumbul

Even after giving advice many times, when Sumbul did not understand, Salman Khan had to get angry. You will see Salman Khan gets angry on Sumbul this Weekend, Ka Vaar. Salman Khan has given a reality check to this favourite TV actress.

Getting angry at Sumbul, Salman Khan says – You have remained an example in today’s date. The person who stays behind keeps on crying and keeps on complaining. After this, Salman Khan asks Sumbul to stand up. Slowly, Sumbul is asked to move away from the living room and to the bedroom.

After showing the mirror to Sumbul strictly, Salman Khan says – Sumbul is seen looking back inside every such episode. Sumbul’s game has become very weak in the last weeks. He is seen walking behind Shalin Bhanot. His Bigg Boss Journey revolves around Shalin Bhanot.

Sometimes they get angry with Shalin or chill out with Shalin. Gradually, Sumbul’s appearance on the screen has also reduced, which is undoubtedly an alarm bell for Sumbul. Fans have high hopes for this favourite TV actress.

But with the kind of game Sumbul is showing, it seems that she will soon be evicted from the show. It has to be seen how much this strong reprimand of Salman’s Sumbul brings him back into the game.

Ankit Gupta Got A Reality Check

This Weekend Ka Vaar Salman is seen in Angry Mode. Salman will be angry not only at Sumbul but also at actor Ankit Gupta. Because Ankit is not doing anything in the show, he gives him a reality check.

Reiterating Priyanka’s point, Salman says that you said Ankit is strong from the inside. But how do we know this? Dabang Khan told Ankit – you are walking in the comfort zone. Why do we feel like you don’t have to stay here?

It will be known how much this reprimand from Salman Khan affects Ankit and Sumbul.

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