Shamita Shetty Got The Tag Of ‘Old Lady’, The Angry Actress Gave Such A Reaction

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Bollywood actress Shamita Shetty’s career has been nothing special on the big screen. His sister, Shilpa Shetty, is still active on the silver screen. At the same time, Shamita has failed to leave any special impression on the screen. Even in personal life, Shamita is a virgin. Shamita Shetty, who is 45 years old, has not married to date. However, the trend of getting married late is common among Bollywood actors. But Shamita had to be trolled on social media for not getting married. Due to this, Shamita also slammed the troller out of anger.

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Woman Trolled

Shamita Shetty is very active on social media. She often shares photos and videos with fans. Fans also praise Shamita’s figure and fashion sense. But on one of Shamita’s posts, some woman trolled her for not getting married. Commenting on Shamila’s post, the woman wrote, “Old Shetty has completed 50 years without a husband and is still a virgin.” After reading this comment, Shamita became furious, and while sharing the note, she gave a fitting reply to the woman.

Shamita Replied

While sharing the note, Shamita wrote, “Sometimes it is better to ignore trollers to keep your mental health safe. Trollers are attention-hungry, so there is no point in reacting to their words. But sometimes, you have to speak out to protect yourself or others. Trolling sometimes makes you sad, especially when someone says hurtful things. The only way to avoid this is to focus on the good things and care for yourself.”

Shamita’s Reaction

45-year-old Shamita Shetty, while replying to the woman who questioned her age, said, “My first reaction after seeing this comment was mixed. I was feeling sad and depressed. I always share happy things on social media platforms to maintain positivity. But I am shaken, especially after seeing some bad comments on my personal life from a woman. That’s why I thought it appropriate to answer for myself and other women.”

Getting Married Is Not The Only Goal

Highlighting the woman’s comment, Shamita wrote, “I take up the responsibility to reply to this woman, who, being a woman herself, is trying to humiliate another woman. Mission Unsuccessful!!! My only goal in life is not to get married. It is more important for me to be happy. I wish you some positivity in your life. I hope you don’t let any woman down again. Suppose you don’t have anything nice to say. So it would be better to keep your mouth shut.”

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