Taylor Swift Becomes Victim Of Deepfake; After Bollywood Now Hollywood On Target

Akash Kumar Mishra
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Taylor Swift Deepfake Photo

A deepfake video of South actress Rashmika Mandanna went viral in the last few days. As soon as the video went viral, there was an uproar, and demands for action were raised. Besides, the deepfake video of the actress was also removed from social media, and the accused in this case was also arrested.

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After this, deepfakes of many other big personalities came to light, for which action was demanded. Now, this deepfake has reached America also. Famous pop singer Taylor Swift has become a victim of deepfake, after which an uproar is everywhere. Let us know the whole matter.

Deepfake Of Pop Singer Also Goes Viral

Deepfake photos of famous pop singer Taylor Swift were shared on the X handle @Real_Nafu, after which this account was suspended. As soon as the AI-generated photos of the singer came out, there was an uproar on social media, and everyone opposed it. Users said she is a noble person and behaving like this with him is shameful. Immediate action should be taken on this.


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This Is Very Scary – American MP

As soon as these deepfake photos of the singer came to light, American leaders also looked at them and said that they were very frightening. He said that appropriate action would be taken against whoever had shared these photos and that they should be immediately removed from social media. Let us tell you that after India, such incidents in America are now becoming a matter of concern.


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Law May Come Soon In India

People face problems and play with their privacy through artificial intelligence (AI). India and many big countries are troubled by this and are trying to find a solution. However, there is talk of making a law against it in India, and a law on this is expected to come very soon.

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