What Is Virtual Autopsy? Center Started In Delhi AIIMS

Shubham Dubey
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Virtual Autopsy

The virtual Autopsy Center was started in AIIMS Hospital, Delhi. Now, postmortem can be done here on all the dead bodies without dissection. According to AIIMS doctors, in case of sudden death, the cause can be determined in just 15 minutes through a virtual autopsy. With this new technology, it will be easy to find out the reasons for the sudden death of youth in India.

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Postmortem can be done without dissection.

In fact, in a study by the Forensic Medicine Department of AIIMS, it was found that 92 per cent of people do not want their relatives to be dissected in the postmortem. In such a situation, this virtual autopsy centre has been started. X claims that this is the first centre in South Asia.

According to the data, during the pilot project, a virtual autopsy of 132 people was done in AIIMS in the last one and a half years. These were all cases of sudden death. The age of 71 of these people was between 18 to 45 years. Of these, 58 were men and 13 were women.

The Age Of 61 People Who Died Between 45 and 65

According to the report, among the dead bodies that arrived in one and a half years, the age of 61 people was between 45 and 65 years. At the same time, there were 57 men and 4 women. Apart from this, out of the total 132 deaths, 61 people died due to sudden heart failure or heart attack. At the same time, the cause of death of the second number of people who died was found to be pneumonia or respiratory diseases.

Let us tell you that postmortem will be very important in legal cases. But often, people avoid getting their loved ones dissected. In such a situation, this new technology will relieve such people.

How Is Virtual Autopsy Done?

According to the information, in a virtual autopsy, the body is not dissected for postmortem. In this, the dead body is examined by digital X-ray machines.

The time and cause of death is ascertained through technology. In this, the dead body is put inside the MRI machine, after which the doctors study it and study the causes of death and the injuries and marks, etc., on the body.

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