PM Modi Gave Target To Amul, To Become The World’s Largest Dairy Company As Soon As Possible

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Amul Golden Jubilee Celebration

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the golden jubilee celebrations of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation on Thursday. This federation does the dairy business under the Amul brand. The ceremony was held at Narendra Modi Stadium.

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During this, PM Modi addressed the people. PM talked about development in the dairy sector. He targeted Amul to become the world’s largest dairy company soon. Amul is currently the eighth-largest dairy company in the world.

India’s Dairy Sector Growing At The Rate Of 6 Percent

Narendra Modi said, “India is the largest milk-producing country in the world. 8 crore people are directly involved in India’s dairy sector. If I talk about the last 10 years, there has been about a 60 per cent increase in milk production in India. Per capita, milk availability has increased by 40 per cent. The dairy sector in the world is growing at the rate of only two per cent. The dairy sector in India is growing at a rate of 6 per cent. One of the biggest features of India’s dairy sector is that there is no discussion. Women’s power is the main driver of the dairy sector in India, with a turnover of Rs 10 lakh crore. The real backbone of India’s dairy sector is women’s power.”

The PM said, “Today, Amul is at the heights of success only because of women’s power. Today, when India is moving ahead with the mantra of women-led development, the success of India’s dairy sector is a big inspiration. To make India develop, it is necessary to increase the economic power of every woman in India.”

Amul Aims To Become The World’s Largest Dairy Company

Narendra Modi said, “When discussing a developed India, I believe in everyone’s efforts. India has resolved to be a developed India by the 100th year of its independence, i.e. 2047. Amul will also be 75 years old by that time as an organisation. Years are about to pass. You also have to leave here today with new resolutions. You all have a big role in fulfilling the nutritional needs of the rapidly increasing population. I am happy to know that in the next 5 years, you have increased the processing capacity of your plant. We have set a target of doubling India’s GDP. Today, Amul is the 8th largest dairy company in the world. You have to make it the largest dairy company in the world as soon as possible. The government is with you.”

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