Benefits Of Family Health Insurance Plan And Its Need In The Family

Akash Kumar Mishra
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Benefits of Family Health Insurance Plan

Family Health Insurance: There is nothing above family, and there is never too much to protect them. Individuals work all day to provide their families with the best life and comfort. From ensuring the proper education for children to taking care of one’s partner or aged parents, everyone wishes the best for their family.

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The safety of the family members is the top priority of the individual. To ensure that the family is protected in any medical emergency or illness, the individual seeks the help of various insurance products. Still, health insurance plans in India for family provides the maximum benefits.

As the name suggests, the family health insurance plan protects individual family members under a single project. Thus one goal is now sufficient enough in safeguarding the interest of one’s family. Under this plan, one is free from paying individual premiums for every family member.

Thus, the whole family’s interest is safeguarded by paying a single premium. The family health insurance plan covers spouses, children below 18 years of age, parents, and sometimes parents-in-law for their protection. Family insurance plans are created to protect almost every need of individuals and their families.

Essential Features of Family Life Insurance include:

  • A family insurance plan allows for cashless hospitalisation for every family member covered in this plan. This offers ease to the individual in times of difficulty and emergency.
  • A family insurance plan also comes with maternity coverage, thus covering various aspects such as delivery expenses, termination, C-sections, and many more. Besides this, this plan also covers fertility treatment expenses.
  • The plan provides accident cover and offers the waiver of premium in permanent disability.
  • In critical illness, the plan allows for the payout on the very first diagnosis of the medical condition.

Thus these features make family health insurance a must. This insurance has become quite popular in India because of the various benefits it has to offer.

Benefits of Family Health Insurance Plan

Coverage for all: The primary benefit of this type of health insurance plan is that it covers the range of family members. Some plans may also offer coverage for extended families. This is a convenient plan that provides a one-stop solution to the individual insurance needs of their family.

The individual has no hassles in keeping track of which premium will be paid. This used to be a lot of work and confusion for the individual, but all these worries can now take a backseat as all the individuals need to pay a single premium for all their family members.

Affordable: Today, health insurance for one and a family member has become mandatory. This is because the chances of suffering from illness or ailment are on the rise. The main reason for this increase in pollution levels is adulterated food items, unhealthy eating habits, etc.

Thus the only way to safeguard against these is through the right insurance plan. But purchasing multiple health insurance plans can be an expensive affair. However, this situation can be avoided with a family health insurance plan. It is a more affordable option to cover all your family members. The single premium this insurance charges can bring down the total expense of insurance policies.

Ease of adding new members: With the family insurance plan, the individual has no difficulty adding a new family member. In the case of the birth of a child or the event of one’s marriage, one can easily add the new member to their existing family plan based on the family insurance plan.

Thus, one must go through the entire process of buying a new policy every time a new family member is added. All one needs to do is request and inform their insurer, and by paying an additional premium, the new member gets covered in the middle of a family insurance plan.

Tax benefits: The family health insurance plans allow the individual to claim the tax benefit. Individuals can claim tax benefits up to 25000 for themselves and 30000 for their parents when they purchase the family health insurance plan. This benefit will increase to 50000 in the case of a senior citizen. Thus, availing of a health insurance plan will help you claim a good tax benefit.

Hence these are the significant benefits that can be enjoyed by availing of a family insurance plan. However, one must choose the right insurance provider, such as Care Insurance, that offers complete transparency in their work and ensures the best insurance plan for the individual.

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