Are Quick Breakfasts Healthy? Remove These 5 Foods From The List

OM Prakash
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Kachori and Chole Bhature

We all are in a hurry in the morning. Children are in a hurry to go to school, and people going to work are in a hurry to go to the office. We all like to adopt quick and easy things in this busy life. This is why most of the houses have some food items that are very easy to prepare and can be prepared quickly in less time.

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Many of us like to adopt instant breakfast. Even though we are adding this type of breakfast to our lifestyle due to lack of time or weight loss or weight gain, are such instant breakfasts healthy from a health point of view? Are the foods you eat for breakfast daily considered healthy and dangerous for your health?

Is Bread A Healthy Breakfast?

One of the quickest breakfasts to make is bread. Different types of bread are available in the market, many of which are included in the list of healthy breakfast options. However, are breads good for us? Is it good for health to consume them?

According to health experts, multigrain, brown or white bread is not good for health. If we look at all the ingredients, flour is added to it. Things like refined palm oil, artificial flavours, preservatives, etc., cannot be considered healthful if consumed daily.

Ready to Make Meals Breakfast

Nowadays, ready-to-eat foods like Dosa, Poha, Upma, Idli, etc. are readily available. People consider these things to be healthy options and include them in their diet, but in reality, ready-to-eat foods are not good options for health. It would be best if you prepared these things at home.

Many artificial flavours, refined oils, sugar, flour and preservatives are used in ready-to-make foods, which you will know not by looking at the packet from above but by looking carefully at their ingredient list.


Nowadays, muesli is one of the most popular breakfasts, which is consumed by mixing it with milk. Most people like to eat it in the morning or evening, but according to health experts, it is not a healthy breakfast. Even though it contains many types of dry fruits or other fruits, it is not good for health.

Fruits are cooked on high flame and given the form of candy. Apart from this, other ingredients present in it are also not good for health.

Deep Fried Foods

Undoubtedly, things fried in excess oil are bad for health. If you eat puri sabzi, chole bhature, kachori, etc., in your breakfast daily, your weight will increase but also harm your health. Consuming things made from excessive oil increases the risk of heart problems. If you ever want to eat Chole bhature, Puri-Vegetable, etc., make it at home and finish it only once a week or twice a month.


According to health experts, consuming Nutella is also not good for health. A lot of sugar is used in it. If you drink it daily in your breakfast, it can be harmful to your health.

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