Delhi Traffic Police Issued Advisory On Holi, Gave This Advice To Drivers

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Delhi Traffic Police

Some people often create a ruckus on the occasion of Holi. Some people drive very carefully. Delhi Traffic Police has given information on social media about the things to be kept in mind while driving on Holi. In this news, we are telling you what things Delhi Traffic Police has appealed to keep in mind on the occasion of Holi.

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Traffic Police Gave Information On Holi

On the occasion of Holi, Delhi Traffic Police has given information on social media on how to drive. So that traffic rules are not violated.

Advised To Follow These Rules

Delhi Traffic Police has advised to follow some special rules. According to the information on social media, the police have appealed to people not to drink and drive during Holi on March 25. Along with this, things like following the speed limit, following traffic signals, not racing with other vehicles, not triple riding, wearing a helmet, not doing zig-zag driving, not giving vehicles to minors, not doing stunts, etc., should be kept in mind.

Police Will Be Deployed

According to the information given on social media, police will be deployed at many places in Delhi to take action against those who create a ruckus as well as those who do not follow traffic rules. According to the information, police personnel will be deployed at major intersections, drunken points and sensitive points in Delhi.

Action Will Be Taken

The traffic police have also informed us that the driver’s licenses of those who indulge in drunken driving, jumping red lights, using mobiles while driving, dangerous driving, and speeding can also be confiscated. Along with this, he can also be suspended for three months. Action will also be taken against those who allow a minor to drive, perform stunts and drive without a license.

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