Why In This Village Women Do Not Wear Clothes For 5 Days, Then Men Do This Work

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There are many such traditions in the country and the world, which are often discussed and disputed. Some traditions are so strange that most people criticize them. Under such traditions, before the marriage, the marriage ceremony of the boy or girl is performed with a tree. There is a strange tradition of marrying one’s brother or maternal uncle.

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In some places, even in everyday life, women or men have to follow special traditions. Even in a village in India, there is a strange tradition for men and women, which is being followed as it has been for centuries.

In Pini village of Manikaran Valley of Himachal Pradesh, women do not wear clothes even today, following a tradition that has been going on for centuries. At the same time, the men of this village must follow strict rules.

According to tradition, there are five days in a year for women when they cannot wear even a single piece of clothing. At the same time, men cannot consume alcohol and meat in these five days. Not only this, he cannot even smile looking at his wife.

Pini Village Sawan Festival
Pini Village Sawan Festival

Why Is The Tradition Continued Even Today?

The history of the tradition of women not wearing clothes in Pini village is quite interesting. However, now, most of the women do not come out of the house during these special five days. Some women willingly follow this tradition even today as before. The women of Pini village do not wear clothes for five days every year in the month of Sawan. It is said that a woman who does not follow this tradition gets to hear some bad news within a few days.

During this period, husbands and wives do not even talk to each other in the entire village. Husband and wife remain entirely away from each other for five days.

What Happens If Men Do Not Follow The Tradition?

It is considered very important for men to support women in this tradition. However, the rules have been made somewhat different for them. It is a tradition for men not to consume alcohol and meat during these five days of Sawan. It is said that if a man does not follow the tradition properly, then the Gods will get angry. The gods will not only be angry but will also definitely cause some harm to him. There is an exciting story behind following both of these traditions. Do you know why and how this tradition started?

Pini Village
Pini Village

Why Was This Strange Tradition Started?

People of Pini village say that a long time ago, there was a lot of terror there due to demons. After this, a god named ‘Lahua Gond’ came to Pini village. The god killed that demon and saved Pini village from the terror of demons. It is said that all these demons used to abduct well-dressed and beautifully dressed married women of the village. The gods saved women from this by killing the demons.

Since then, there has been a tradition of women not wearing clothes for five days during the war between gods and demons. The villagers believe that if women look beautiful in clothes, even today, demons can take them away.

Husband and Wife Can’t Even Smile

During these special five days of Sawan, husband and wife cannot even smile at each other. According to tradition, both are prohibited. Women of Pini village can wear only one piece of clothing during this period. Women of Pini village who follow this tradition can use a patka made of wool.

The people of Pini village did not allow any outsider to enter the village during this period. Even people from outside cannot participate in this unique festival of theirs. Of course, this tradition and belief may be strange, but even today, the village people have been following it as it has been for centuries.

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