Why Does Lia Parker Sleeps in a Dog Cage? You Won’t Believe the Reason

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Lia Parker

A 21-year-old girl has revealed that she sleeps in a dog’s cage. She said that she finds sleeping like this more comfortable than sleeping on her queen-size bed. She has decorated the cage well. Blankets and teddy bears are kept in it. The name of this girl who does strange behaviour is Lia Parker.

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According to The Sun report, Lia has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She uses the kennel to escape the stress of everyday life and to soothe herself when PTSD increases. She says that she feels very relaxed when lying in the dog’s cage. This is his most ‘comfortable hideaway’.


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Lia says that she goes inside the dog’s cage every evening to sleep. Sometimes, she even enjoys resting in it the whole day. Lia, a resident of America, is very active in social media. In many of the pictures posted by her, a big bed is also seen in front of the kennel, on which she sits, but she only uses the dog’s cage to sleep.


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Lia Parker has thousands of followers on social media. Here, she talks openly about her lifestyle with netizens. She answers questions from those who want to know how it all started.

Lia Has Been Sleeping In A Cage For 3 Years

Lia revealed that she grew up in a stressful home environment and sought solace in small places like inside her wardrobe. So, she decided to live in a dog cage. She has been sleeping in a dog cage since the age of 18. She has no intention of getting rid of it any time soon. Lia regularly shares videos of her cage bed.

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