Make Decorative Items From These Useless Things Lying At Home

OM Prakash
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Beautiful Wall Hanging

Our home is our identity. If you keep your house clean and well-decorated, then it also shows your personality and how systematic you are. Therefore, just as we maintain ourselves, we should maintain our house similarly.

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To decorate the house, it is unnecessary to bring things from the market; instead, we can also make things to decorate the house from the things lying at home. Let us know what these things are and how they can be used.


There must be a faulty sieve in your house. You must have missed the day of Karva Chauth also. You can give this strainer a new look and make it a home decoration item. For this, you will need a strainer, glue and wool. First of all, separate the strainer mesh. Now, roll the wool on the outside of the sieve.

Flour Strainer
Flour Strainer

Cover completely while rolling. Now, after this, make small pom ornaments like pendants made of wool. Cut a long wool string and tie or stick these tassels at equal distances. This way, make 5-6 strings with tassels and tie them to the strainer. Now, finally, put a hanger on the sieve. Here is a ready item for decorating your home.

Bangles Wall Hanging

We buy matching bangles for each of our sarees, but sometimes the bangles get damaged, or the set gets spoiled due to the breakage of half of the bangles. You can use your spoiled bangles to make decorative items in such a situation.

Wall Hanging With Bangles
Wall Hanging With Bangles

You can make a pen stand from bangles and other decorative items. Bangles can also be used to make wonderful home decoration items with wool.

Thread Spool

Whether we sew or not, we have a reel of thread. When the thread runs out from the reel, we consider it useless and throw it away, but we can make a better catch with these small things, too.

Thread Spool Decoration
Thread Spool Decoration

Many of you might have installed bells outside your house or on the window, which give a very good sound. But you can also make a decorative object resembling a bell just for decoration. For this, you can use colourful paper, beads and a mirror.

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