Turkish Astronaut Makes History, Joining Axiom Team on Space Station Mission!

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First Turkish Astronaut

Texas-based startup company Axiom Space has sent a 4-member team, including Turkey’s first astronaut, to the International Space Station. All these passengers reached the International Space Station in a capsule rocket on Saturday morning.

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All the passengers have gone to the space station at their expense. According to a report, all the passengers took off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Thursday evening in a capsule-like rocket for this latest mission. After about 37 hours, the capsule reached the International Space Station.

According to the report, astronauts are responsible for NASA’s mission control operations in Houston when they reach the space station. NASA also did a live telecast regarding this mission.

It May Take Time For The Capsule To Open – Report

A report estimated that after the capsule reaches space, it may take two hours to take the astronauts to the laboratory because it will be checked for leakage before opening the capsule. Only after this will permission be given to open the hatch.

All the astronauts who reach space will spend 14 days in the space station, and more than 30 scientists will participate in the experiment. These experiments focus on the effects on the human body during space flight.

The team was led by Michael Lopez-Alegría, a 65-year-old Spanish-born retired NASA astronaut and Axiom executive member. Including this trip, he has visited the space station six times.

The second passenger in command of the X-3 is Colonel Walter Villadei, 49, of the Italian Air Force. The team includes 43-year-old Swedish aviator Marcus Wandt, representing the European Space Agency, and 44-year-old Turkish Air Force veteran Alper Gezervasi.

Travellers Will Be Welcomed In Space – Space Station

According to the information given on the X handle of the space station, seven members of the station’s current regular crew will welcome these passengers at the station. NASA will welcome two Americans, one astronaut from Japan and Denmark and three Russian astronauts.

According to a report, Russia has been taking people to the space station for more than two decades for a fee. NASA started this two years ago. Former fighter pilot and Turkish Airlines Captain Alper Gezeravsi is the first person from his country to go to space. The company charges at least $55 million per seat for organizing, training, and flying customers into space. Axiom is also one of the companies building its commercial space station in space.

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