What is Wind Energy & Its Advantages Over Other Renewables?

Geeta Kumar
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What is Wind Energy & Its Advantages Over Other Renewables?

There are various renewable options out there. There is wind, solar and hydroelectricity. Most people know about solar and hydroelectricity, but few know about wind energy. Wind energy is kinetic energy or energy in motion by the sun’s effect. The sun unevenly distributes its energy; due to that, low- and high-pressure zones get developed all across the earth.

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The wind tends to blow from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas. Due to this, the wind has kinetic energy that is harnessed to rotate turbines, consequently generating electricity. If you want to find cheap electricity plans, you can use Compare Electricity Plans.

Wind energy is the cleanest and the most reliable form of energy used to generate electricity. Wind power does not lead to any emissions and is available in abundance, thus making it a viable alternative to fossil fuels that lead to greenhouse gas emissions.

How Much Electricity Can Windpower Produce?

Most wind turbines have a capacity of 2-3 megawatts (MW) that can produce 6 million kilowatt-hours (KWH) of electricity annually, enough to power 1500 households. With more wind speed, more electricity can be generated; it is assumed that if the wind speed doubles, the amount of electricity caused increases by eight times.

But if the wind speed goes above a certain level, the turbines shut down themselves to prevent damage. There are many benefits of choosing wind energy over other renewables. We are going to discuss some of the obvious benefits of choosing wind power:

Wind power is the most affordable- It is one of the cheapest-priced energy sources, also, investing in wind turbines allows for bypassing the rising fuel prices. The wind is almost free; thus, wind energy mitigates traditional energy sources’ price uncertainty. You can find the most affordable plans through Compare Electricity Plans website.

Cleanest form of Energy- Out of all the renewables, wind energy is the purest form of energy. It does not pollute the air. When power is generated from fossil fuels, there is a lot of pollution, but with wind, energy pollution can be mitigated.

It is sustainable- Wind energy is entirely sustainable, as the wind is abundant and does not require any fuel. Wind energy is solar energy as the wind blows due to the sun’s heat; thus, wind energy is directly dependent on solar energy.

Can Be Built in Rural Areas- Wind turbines can be easily installed in rural areas; rural areas enjoy windy seasons due to large buildings and open fields. Also, wind turbines need limited land. Thus, investing little resources can create an infinite energy source requiring little maintenance.

Final Words

As you can see, wind energy is the cleanest form of energy, and if we want to solve the world energy crisis, we have to shift to various renewable energy sources. Out of all the options, wind energy is the most feasible, economical, and sustainable. To save electricity on your total bill, you can use Compare Electricity Plans to find the best price.

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