Six Features Vital For Sports Apps

OM Prakash
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Six Features Vital For Sports Apps.

Searching for the app that suits you the most can sometimes be excruciating. Even though they have more or less the same functionality, choosing the one you will use is a pain. We do not have a universal solution for which app to use. However, we can help you pick the most suitable one.

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The effectiveness of your app and general experience greatly depends on how fast it operates. The apps with the smoothest swipes and fastest loading time will be the most prevalent among sports fans.

Speed is essential for those who make bets. All the changes in the app match with sports results are critical for the odds.

Amiable support

Apps can have bugs and errors with which the users may need help. These problems might be errors when linking with socials, comments not adding/deleting, or requests for new functionality.

Caring for every user and giving them timely feedback is an excellent way of running any app. Regardless of how many users the app has, they must be heard and be helped when in need.


This is even more critical, as users nowadays provide personal data. As creators, developers should provide everything needed for security. For example, multi-factor authentication can be made mandatory for the app. It might seem time-consuming at first. But if you look into the 2020 Microsoft internal investigation, 99,9% of hacked accounts never used multi-factor authentication. We don’t know what will happen if this does not make you start using it immediately.

Scalable text / High-resolution images and videos

This is a user experience thing, but after all, why not? If we can change the text size, it is easier to scale it down to the phone screen size. It might be better for people with bad eyesight to have a bigger font.

The photos and video quality should be changed easily, too, as different phones can have other possibilities.

Search options and push notifications

Who needs an app with no search? However, as weird as it may seem, not every app has one. So look out for this option as its lack might not be evident at first, but when you want to find some specific information, you won’t be able to do it due to the absence of the search bar.

Another helpful option is personalized notifications. And if you cannot search for teams to subscribe to, you won’t get notified about them either. But usually, apps ask you to pick your favourites as soon as you start using them.

It might be hard to find a block list where you could add the things you don’t want to be informed about.

Advanced Analytics

Some may say that xG and deep research aren’t interesting to read or even crucial in traditional sports. But the thing is that for newcomers, it may be hard at first to understand everything in the article.

Moreover, after getting new info from some of the best analytics, you will see your favourite sports differently. Users will see the small things they never noted before. Fans see the small details they never noticed in the game. Viewing the game from different points of view provided by various pundits, you might see a more excellent system that the manager created for the opponent instead of separate facts.

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