IPL 2023 Mini Auction Not in India, It Will Be Held in These Country

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IPL 2023 Mini Auction

IPL 2023: A big update has come out regarding IPL 2023. According to the BCCI, by November 16, all 10 franchises will have to submit the written list of their players. Each team can retain a maximum of 15 players. This means that before the next season’s auction, teams also have to choose the players they want to see in their team next season.

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Where Will The Mini-Auction of IPL 2023

IPL auctions are often held in Bangalore, but in the meantime, it is reported that five cities have been fixed for this time’s mini-auction, in which Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Turkey’s capital Istanbul have been kept. Players will be bidding for IPL 2023 in the mini-auction.

IPL 2023 Mini Auction May Be Held in Istanbul

According to InsideSport, A senior official said, We are progressing positively towards moving the IPL auction out of India. IPL has now become a global tournament; we also want to take it to other parts of the world. Istanbul is a good holiday destination and has facilities to hold auctions. Most of the franchises are with this decision.

An official quoted by InsideSport, also said, The decision to take this auction out of India is to increase its fanbase in other parts of the world and the NBA. But the final decision on this will be taken in the next meeting of the Governing Council.

Each Team Can Retain 15 Players

According to the information, all the teams can retain a maximum of 15 players; the teams will have to separate at least 10 players from their team.

Each Team Can Hold Up To 25 Players

For next year’s IPL 2023, each team can keep a maximum of 25 players, and a team of at least 18 is mandatory.

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