What Did Shakib Al Hasan Do In Australia In The Greed Of Money?

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Shakib Al Hasan

Bangladesh cricket team may not be doing anything special in T20 World Cup. But the captain of the team reaches around the controversies. The name of Bangladeshi captain Shakib Al Hasan has again been controversial in the T20 World Cup. This time the debate took place in Sydney, where Shakib Al Hasan attended a dinner party with right-arm fast bowler Taskin Ahmed for financial gain.

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Now the question is whether Shakib and Taskin themselves participated in this program. Or was he sent by the Bangladesh team management or board for this? According to media reports, both the cricketers did not take formal permission from the board for this. Whereas for this, some members of the board had made a plan to send them.

Shakib Al Hasan, Along With Taskin Ahmed

It is also being told in the reports that a similar event was recently organized in Brisbane before the tournament started. Which the Bangladeshi community had called the players of the Bangladesh cricket team. At that time, the Bangladeshi team was present for warm-up matches. After this, he forcefully attempted to include the team in this event.

Influential members of the boards forcibly asked the players to attend the event. Because tickets for that event were sold in the name of the players. However, the cricketers were not happy about going to that event. The cricketers were unhappy about participating in the event, due to which many players, including Shakib, attended the event but did not respond well to requests for autographs and photographs.

But after this, when the event took place in Sydney, Shakib and Taskin reached this event due to financial benefits.

The event in which Shakib’s arrival has come to light in Sydney. That event was named ‘An exclusive dinner with Bangladesh National Cricket Players’. While it was also said that people coming to this event would get a chance to spend special time with the players.

This event was kept in a restaurant in Sydney. Where the price of the table for a single person was held at 90 AUD. At the same time, the table price was kept at 2000 AUD for a group of 10 people. It was said to give a special meeting with Shakib and Taskin, pictures and a chance to talk.

Journey of Bangladesh in T20 World Cup

Bangladesh cricket team, present in Group 2, has played a total of two matches in the T20 World Cup. He defeated the Netherlands by nine runs in the first match played. At the same time, the team had to see a significant defeat at the hands of South Africa by 104 runs.

The team’s third match will now be against Zimbabwe on 29 October.

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