Shoaib Malik Trapped In Match Fixing Suspicion, Contract Canceled

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Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik

Troubles are not stopping for Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. Since Shoaib left Sania Mirza and married for the third time, something bad has happened to Shoaib. It seems that Sania Mirza was lucky for Shoaib, but he got married for the second time, due to which bad times have started for the Pakistani player. Recently, Shoaib bowled 3 no-balls in the same over while bowling. Now, Shoaib Malik is under suspicion of match-fixing.

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3 No Balls Were Bowled In One Over

Pakistani cricketers are facing troubles one after the other. Shoaib Malik had bowled 3 no balls in a single over while bowling in BPL. Due to this, the players have come under suspicion. If media reports are to be believed, the franchise believes that how can a player bowl 3-3 no balls in a single over? For this reason, his contract has been cancelled from BBL.

Although it has not been proven whether Shoaib bowled 3-3 no balls intentionally or was a mistake, he has come under suspicion. Due to suspicion, the player’s contract has been canceled immediately. Now, the player may also have to undergo an investigation.

Fans Did Not Like Sania-Shoaib Pairing

Let us tell you that Shoaib Malik married Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, but after a few days of marriage, trouble started in their relationship. The Indian fans did not like the marriage of both players and started criticizing it a lot. From the very beginning, both players started living quite apart. Fans realized that divorce could happen between the two at any time. Ultimately, Shoaib got married for the second time. Shoaib is married to a model.

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