2 Cricketers Caught Consuming Drugs, Cricket Board Banned Both The Players

Ashish Kumar Mishra
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Drugs Crime

Cricket comes second among the most loved sports in the world. After football, cricket has the highest fan following in the world. Cricket fans are also very excited. Cricketers hit fours and sixes with their bat, greatly entertaining the fans. But sometimes the cricketers make some such mistakes, which are very shameful, and the player gets punished. Two such players of the cricket world have been caught taking drugs, due to which the Cricket Board has taken strict action against the players and banned them. Let us tell you who are these two players who have been caught taking drugs.

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Who Are These Two Players?

Let us tell you that both the players who were banned from cricket are residents of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe players Wesley Madhevere and Brandon Mavuta have been found taking drugs, due to which both players have been banned. Last week, both players confessed to their crimes.

For this reason, on Thursday, the Zimbabwe Cricket Board, while sentencing the players, banned both of them for the next 4 months. In such a situation, Wesley Wesley Madhevere and Brandon Mavuta will not be seen playing international cricket for the next 4 months.

The Player Himself Confessed

Let us tell you that during the in-house dope test in December last year, both the players were found consuming drugs. The investigation revealed that both players had consumed drugs; hence, in January 2024, a 50 per cent fee was deducted from the salaries of both players as punishment. Regarding this, the Cricket Board said that consuming drugs is like bringing cricket into disrepute.

For this reason, both will be punished. Wesley Madhevere and Brandon Mavuta have also repented for using drugs and are working to clean up the system. The players also say that they will never consume drugs after today.

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