Google Assistant Can Get Amazing AI Features, Users’ Experience Will Be Good

Akash Kumar Mishra
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Artificial Intelligence

Google is constantly adding AI features to its platforms to improve them. A few days ago, about 17 features were removed from Google Assistant by the tech company, and it was said that these features are not proving useful for the users.

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However, a report has said that Google Futures will soon have many willing AI features. Let us know about this news.

Google Assistant Will Get New Features

The company is working on many new features to improve the Google Assistant experience for users. In the coming days, users’ experience using Google Assistant is expected to change entirely, and Google will add many amazing AI features.

Assistant Will Be Integrated With Bard

The report suggests that Google will soon integrate Bard and Assistant. This will benefit greatly, mainly because the assistant can better answer questions.

This system is expected to be based on the LLM model and to have many features similar to Gemini.

Circle To Search Feature

Google recently rolled out the Circle to Search feature. It is currently available for Pixel 8 series and Samsung Galaxy S24 users. This feature allows users to perform many tasks without any third-party app.

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