Chinese Hackers Stole 60,000 Emails From The US State Department

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Cyber Attack

Chinese hackers have become a headache for America. This year, Chinese hackers who broke into Microsoft’s email platform have succeeded in stealing thousands of emails from the accounts of the US State Department. A Senate employee claimed this while talking to Reuters on Wednesday.

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According to the report, IT officials of the State Department have claimed that 60,000 emails have been stolen from 10 accounts of the department. He said that all these emails had been stolen from 10 departments of the state. Of these, 9 were working for East Asia and the Pacific, while another one was working for Europe.

Most of the people whose accounts of the State Department were compromised were working on Indo-Pacific diplomacy efforts. Hackers also hacked a list containing all the emails of the department. Hackers have tampered with the device of a Microsoft engineer.

American Officials Worried About Infiltration

According to officials, hackers compromised a Microsoft engineer’s device, allowing them to break into State Department email accounts. Let us tell you that Microsoft had said earlier this month that the hack of senior officials of the US State and Commerce Department was due to the tampering of the corporate account of a Microsoft engineer. Taking this incident seriously, a State Department official said that we need to strengthen our security against such cyber attacks and intrusions.

Chinese Hackers Have Broken Into This Even Before

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that Chinese hackers have targeted the US government. Even before this, it was reported that Chinese hackers had accessed the emails of at least 25 organizations in May last. Also, Chinese hackers had broken into the email account of US Ambassador to Beijing Nicholas Burns. Earlier, the account of Assistant Secretary for East Asia Daniel Kritenbrink was also hacked.

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