Reem Filmban Becomes Saudi Arabia’s First Female Helicopter Pilot

Geeta Kumar
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Reem Filmban

Reem Filmban, a resident of Saudi Arabia, has become the first female helicopter pilot. Along with this, she has become the owner of another achievement, which is that she is one of the youngest pilots in the world.

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“I always dreamed of becoming a pilot one day; I was always motivated and excited about that desire,” Reem Filmban said in a conversation with the Saudi Arabian news portal Sabq. After studying high school in Saudi Arabia, Reem Went to America to study for a pilot license in aviation.

She said, “I spent a year in study and training. However, the study period depends on different people. The weather also plays an important role in the study and training period because only when the weather is normal can we fly.”

She said that this year, she has flown for 255 hours. Reem says that women can also fly ships like men.

When and What Rights Did Saudi Give To Women?

Saudi Arabia is conservative compared to the rest of the world regarding women, but in recent years, Saudi Arabia has made many changes regarding the upliftment of women. In the year 2018, women were allowed to drive for the first time in Saudi Arabia. Earlier, there was a ban on women from driving.

Princess Reema bint Bandar was made the first female ambassador of Saudi Arabia in the year 2019. The country’s first woman to be appointed as ambassador to a foreign country, she was appointed to America.

At that time, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had appointed him as America’s ambassador. Amal al-Moallimi was appointed Ambassador to Norway in the year 2020. Apart from this, in April 2021, Inas al-Shahwan became Ambassador to Sweden and Iceland.

Haifa Al-Jedea was given the responsibility of the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community in January 2023. Apart from this, Saudi women were given responsibilities in many important areas, including tour guides, border agents, and hospitality.

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