Antivirus Could Be The Reason Behind Slow Laptop! Find Out Like This

Akash Kumar Mishra
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Laptop Hanging Problem Solution

Today, laptops and desktops are gradually becoming a necessity for every home. Today, many tasks can be done within minutes with this device, but sometimes, when there is a very important task, it seems as if the laptop also starts having fun. At that time, even the tantrums of a newlywed bride seemed less, but it seemed as if the laptop didn’t know what it wanted from us. In such situations, sometimes one gets very angry. Its low speed becomes a hindrance in the work.

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Is It Slow Because Of You?

This sequence does not stop here; some people get down to operating the poor guy, while others restart or shut down the system. Some people get worried and start thinking about either upgrading the laptop or planning to buy a new laptop, but what if we say that the laptop has become so slow because of one mistake of yours?

Question Yourself!

Nowadays, words like malware and viruses are heard everywhere, so most of us install an antivirus on our laptop to keep it secure, but have you asked yourself whether you need one? Did you need an antivirus? Or just by listening to people or watching four YouTube videos, you installed it on your system.

Antivirus Is The Reason For Slowness?

You will be surprised to learn that antivirus software can also slow down your system. Now, you will ask how this can happen; it happens only to keep the laptop clean. So, for those who do not know, let us tell them that Microsoft’s Microsoft Defender Antivirus is installed in Windows 10 and 11 and deletes malware files.

Free One Can Cause Harm

Now, the question is, if an antivirus is already installed in the system, will installing another one increase the burden on the laptop? But there are also two conditions: if you are using a free antivirus, only it can harm your system. We are not talking about paid Antivirus here. However, if you use any paid antivirus, first turn off Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

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